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完形Philip is the bravest boy I know. His friends and family are all very

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         Philip is the bravest boy I know. His friends and family are all very ___56___ him.
         Ten-year-old Philip was born with an ___57___  which means that he is always breaking his bones(骨头). Although he has such a serious illness, Philip ___58___ playing sports. In January last year he ___59___ wheelchair racing. He came second in his first ___60___ , and since then Philip has won every other race!
          In order to look for a new challenge(挑战), Philip ___61___ to take part in the London Wheelchair Marathon(马拉松). ___62___ , five days before the race Philip got sick. He didn’t want to ___63___ . He finally made up his mind to take part. Philip was given medicine by his doctor and guess what He not only ___64___ it, but he also finished in first place!
Philip is very ___65___ and never gives up. That’s why he has been chosen to be the Bravest Child of the Month.
56. A. proud of        B. afraid of        C. angry with         D. strict with
57. A. ability B. effort C. illness D. interest
58. A. stops B. avoids C. minds          D. loves
59. A. watched        B. started          C. cancelled       D. held
60. A. journey         B. race C. class D. interview
61. A. regretted       B. hated C. failed D. decided
62. A. Instead         B. Also C. However        D. First
63. A. give up         B. sit down         C. set off D. go out
64. A. refused         B. left C. completed       D. invented
65. A. brave B. honest          C. polite D. fair

56-60 ACDBB   61-65 DCACA

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