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  1. 发布时间:2018-09-26
  2. 工作地点:上海
  3. 职位类型:兼职实习
  4. 来源:上海交大BBS
  5. 职位:实习分析师
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[原帖] 发信人: martecgroup(martec), ▃Ying jie sheng .com▃
标  题: 【实习转正】The Martec Group 实习分析师
发信站: 饮水思源 (2018-09-2614:23:26 星期五)

Martec is a US market research and consulting firm specialized in automotive, 
chemistry, industrial and few other sectors. We conduct general market researc
h, competitive intelligence studies and market strategy consulting projects fo
r both global and domestic clients. Most of our clients are the top 500 multin
ational organizations. The company's unique approach to market research provid
es tactical decision support to help clients achieve their strategic business 
goals. Since 1984, our customized services haveaccelerated and enhanced client
 success through in-depth sector expertise, rapidexecution and methodologies t
hat are designed to align with our clients objectives. Our depth of industry e
xpertise and insight provides solid, actionable results.

Website: www.martecchina.com.cn

We are now looking for several interns to join the team and contribute to our 
exciting projects.

	实习分析师
Job Description 工作职责描述
- Telephonic Interview Execution  电话访谈执行
- Info Search and Data Mining 信息搜集和挖掘
- Preliminary Data Processing & Analysis 初步的数据处理和分析
- Assisting in Report Writing & Translation 协助报告撰写和翻译
- Other related work for Project Manager 辅助项目经理进行其他相关工作

Requirements 职位要求
- University Students pursuing Bachelor or Master Degree 本科或硕士学历
- Be skillful for interpersonal communication 善于人际沟通
- Be Proficient in employing Excel, PowerPoint and Word 擅长使用Excel, PPT 等办
- Excellent reading and summary skills in both English and Chinese 优秀的中英文
- Must be available for at least 3 days a week for 3 months (Mandatory) 必须每

Martec Group will provide RMB 150 per day for this position, in additional, we
provide RMB 18.75 per hour for OT and upper limit RMB 50 for dinner. 

Office Location 公司地点
Working Period 工作时间
9:30 - 6:00, at least 3 days per week  工作时间9:30 - 6:00 每周至少3天


How to Apply如何申请职位
Interested candidates should send CV (Name_University_Ideal Working Days per W
eek) to nanamin.gu@martecchina.com
有兴趣的同学请发送简历至:nanamin.gu@martecchina.com 邮件标题为“姓名_学校_一周


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